Messenger OTB Ita Bag

by Co-Kan

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The double-sided “One True Bag” Messenger ita bag is like the OTB Tote, except smaller! It has a heart on one side and a full window on the other. Woven from sturdy canvas with a convenient across-the-chest length strap, this bag truly is an everyday use bag.

Consider the starter kit! It comes with matching safety pins and precision cut insert backings for your decorating pleasure. It's the easiest way to get going with your new ita bag! To see this bag in action, check out Inspiration Station: BakuKiri Messenger!

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Nicole A.
United States

Digging it

I was fighting with myself on buying but then in the middle of the night , the thought hit me, it’s my birth month (when I bought it) Ima treat myself! When I got it after I came home from my family thoughts were “I don’t regret it” also they gave me candy , that’s a plus

United States United States

Awesome products!

Sorry it's taken me awhile to write a review for this, but I just wanted to let everyone at Co-Kan know that I really love this bag and appreciate the crazy amount of love and quality that goes into their orders and products! Shipping was quick. Their packaging is nice, professional, and personal, and I also enjoyed the candies included (I love Japanese candy)! Always means a lot, all that extra thoughtfulness and care put into orders. The bag is well made, so chic, and the perfect size for the necessities. I love the soft pink color! I gotta be careful not to get it dirty, though, it's too pretty! ;_; This is my second ita bag, mostly geared toward more 'general' interests, and I'm happy that it features two windows. I honestly regret not ordering the starter pack with it, though, as it turned out I need insert backing material after all, so I'll be ordering that soon. Hopefully once I set up everything I can edit this review to add a photo of my bag. I appreciate the effort everyone on the team puts in; you can tell they are truly passionate about fandom culture and go out of their way to help others in the hobby. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much! >3

Brenna K.
United States United States

An excellent Ita bag!

I found this website through Instagram while searching at 2am for a good quality Ita bag that was the type of style I liked, and could be used as an everyday bag, and that was also very affordable. I was very frustrated since I had been looking for hours, and nothing was what I wanted, so I was super excited when I saw they had a messenger style bag that was pretty much the same size as the current purse I'm using! I'm so happy I found this company and ordered from them. First, the shipping was insanely fast (though after I ordered I read that they are based in the Sacramento area, and I live half an hour away, so I feel good supporting a very local company!), and I got it the day after I placed the order. Second, the quality of the bag is very well made. It's a canvas material, so I'm sure it is going to be sturdy, and last my throwing it into various lockers at work and the gym, etc. The color is also very true to what the screen showed, and I greatly appreciated the more "natural" colors they offered. Third, all the fun goodies they included with my order?!? Holy moly, I wasn't expecting them at all, so thank you very much for that! I haven't had the chance to put my new bag together yet since I am still looking for some more pins to display/deciding on a layout (it will be for all my Star Wars pins!), but as soon as I do get it all set up I will have to post pictures, and update on how it's holding up when actually being used. Thank you again for selling such wonderful bags! P.S. If you could please tell me the flavor of the little KitKat that was included that would be appreciated, because I can't get the taste of it out of my mind, and I need to find it so I can have more in my life (tasted like caramel? French toast?) XD


Heya Brenna! We're glad you like your bag and the snackies! If the KitKat tasted like caramel or french toast, then it was probably the custard pudding flavor! You can broil them quickly and the top caramelizes. A personal favorite. You can find them on Amazon! If you ever need help identifying a Japanese candy, just send a screenshot of the wrapper to and I'll be happy to help track it down. SacTown represent! ヾ(▼ヘ▼;)

United States United States

Perfect for my treasures!

For years I've carried assorted knicknacks and bits of merch pinned to my purse, but nothing ever really felt right. My various bags wore out too quickly, and my loot was exposed to things it could get caught on. I even lost the fishing lure I used the first time I fished in the ocean! ;_; But then I learned the itabags exist! I did a lot of research on brands and stores, and decided to make my first purchase really count. I'm so glad I didn't settle for a cheaper itabag that wouldn't have been the right size! The OTB Messenger is just right in every way - enough space for the stuff I need to carry, but not too big. Super sturdy, no flimsy cotton fabric like typical messenger bags. And a small detail, but one that's very important for me, is that the shoulder strap is clipped to the bag with d-rings! That's important for me because I normally carry my bag clipped to my belt with carabiners rather than with a shoulder strap. With other bags I've had to modify them to do that, but not so with the OTB! I'm not done decorating (the backing isn't very good because this fabric is stretchy, so you can see the safety pins holding up the beads chain, hehe) but I wanted to include a picture of how I have my itabag set up anyway. The main merch is WildStar, plus some assorted odds and ends that are just reflections of my personality or things I've made. But now they're all safe and secure, and I can even carry around more delicate and rare items like my WildStar rowsdower keychain! And that's just the big window, I haven't even decided what to put in the heart window yet! My first Co-Kan experience was great! That first package even included a nice note from the team, and some candy! I love it when shops go that little extra step to make things more fun!

SnowFox102 verified customer review of Messenger OTB Ita Bag