Messenger OTB Ita Bag

by Co-Kan

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The double-sided “One True Bag” Messenger ita bag is like the OTB Tote, except smaller! It has a heart on one side and a full window on the other. Woven from sturdy canvas with a convenient across-the-chest length strap, this bag truly is an everyday use bag.

Consider the starter kit! It comes with matching safety pins and precision cut insert backings for your decorating pleasure. It's the easiest way to get going with your new ita bag! To see this bag in action, check out Inspiration Station: BakuKiri Messenger!

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United States United States

Perfect for my treasures!

For years I've carried assorted knicknacks and bits of merch pinned to my purse, but nothing ever really felt right. My various bags wore out too quickly, and my loot was exposed to things it could get caught on. I even lost the fishing lure I used the first time I fished in the ocean! ;_; But then I learned the itabags exist! I did a lot of research on brands and stores, and decided to make my first purchase really count. I'm so glad I didn't settle for a cheaper itabag that wouldn't have been the right size! The OTB Messenger is just right in every way - enough space for the stuff I need to carry, but not too big. Super sturdy, no flimsy cotton fabric like typical messenger bags. And a small detail, but one that's very important for me, is that the shoulder strap is clipped to the bag with d-rings! That's important for me because I normally carry my bag clipped to my belt with carabiners rather than with a shoulder strap. With other bags I've had to modify them to do that, but not so with the OTB! I'm not done decorating (the backing isn't very good because this fabric is stretchy, so you can see the safety pins holding up the beads chain, hehe) but I wanted to include a picture of how I have my itabag set up anyway. The main merch is WildStar, plus some assorted odds and ends that are just reflections of my personality or things I've made. But now they're all safe and secure, and I can even carry around more delicate and rare items like my WildStar rowsdower keychain! And that's just the big window, I haven't even decided what to put in the heart window yet! My first Co-Kan experience was great! That first package even included a nice note from the team, and some candy! I love it when shops go that little extra step to make things more fun!

SnowFox102 verified customer review of Messenger OTB Ita Bag
United States United States

This bag has ruined me (for good!)

I will never ever be able to buy one of the cheapy pleather ita bags ever again because I've fallen in LOVE with this canvas bag!! It feels incredibly sturdy and looks very well made. This bag is deceivingly large - I can fit a water bottle in it, along with my wallet, phone, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.! I love having windows on both sides! Its the perfect justification to keep buying more merch! I can't wait to add more!

Jennifer verified customer review of Messenger OTB Ita Bag
United States United States

Can't wait to load mine up!

My husband purchased a Starter Kit for me for Xmas. I'd added it to my wishlist using Amazon Assistant, and he got a little turned around in the whole third-party-site process and wound up ordering the wrong color. Glenn was FANTASTIC when I emailed about exchanging it, keeping me very well apprised of restocking issues and offering me alternatives if I didn't want to wait as long. The new one showed up today (several days sooner than I had expected!), and I'm eager to start putting all of my band merch pins into it. I'll be sure to add photos when I'm done.

Rebekah W.
United States United States

So sleek and yet so much space!

I first found out about Co-Kan's ita bags when I was working retail. A customer came to my register wearing one of their OTB messengers. I was so excited to see an ita bag that was in crossbody form! I had been searching for a good ita bag for my merch of Jonathan Joestar. All of the bags I'd been researching were backpacks. Hers was in blue, but I ordered mine in black. I was thinking that color would help my merch stand out a little better. As soon as this bag arrived in the mail, I immediately started loading my pins and charms into it. It looks amazing! The material is so sturdy and the strap is sooo comfortable across my torso. It's also the perfect size to hold all my merch, -as well as- everything I usually carry within my bag for daily commutes. To have so much space, this bag looks so sleek at my side. There's no unattractive bulkiness, as compared to some of my other crossbodys. I really can't get enough of this bag and I'm happy to have done business with Co-Kan.