Where Did Co-Kan Come From?

On a warm summer night, Sonya and Glenn walked out of an anime merch store in downtown Nagano City, Japan. Walking past a vending machine, one of them mumbled “I wish we had a store like that in the US” — and Co-Kan was born. 

Co-Kan was started as SonyaismGO — a service for group orders — back in May 2017 by Sonya. Sonya is a digital artist and web designer with a history of collecting merch.Her husband, Glenn, left his day job and brought his Japanese business background to the newly renamed Co-Kan in September 2017.Together, Sonya and Glenn want to bring the US anime merch market to parity with its overseas counterpart — bringing the benefits to you! 

Co-Kan is a wordplay on Co-Op and 交換 (koukan, exchange).


While many of our products exist at other places, they usually require use of a shipping proxy, a large shipping cost, or run the risk of being picked by the customs “lottery”. If something goes wrong, you may not get a response in English, you may have to wait three days to hear back, your GO manager may run off with your money — we’ve had experiences, and we’ve had enough. 

Our hope is to make the process of getting your merch fun, easy, and consistent. 


That’s Coo-kun. He was supposed to be a chubby pigeon, but ended up looking like a round dove. You'll see him around. He's constantly getting new emotes!

Our office goodies are your office goodies. Behold! Coo-Kun goods!