Colored Safety Pins (20 Count)

by Co-Kan

Size: 30mm / 1.18in

Does your or a loved one's itabag suffer from safety pin miscoloration? Safety pin miscoloration is an illness that effects 4 in 5 itabags. Symptoms include but are not limited to: patches of unwanted, eye catching shininess in an otherwise matte bag; an urge to clutter the area above a hanging charm; a loss of color coordination; or stress. It is not untreatable.

There is hope. Co-Kan has developed cosmedical-grade safety pins that match your itabag’s color using a durable matte finish.

Comes in a pack of 20 for your decorating pleasure! Recommended for use with a fabric-wrapped backing, not designed for piercing into the itabag itself. Included in the starter kit!

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