Messenger OTB Ita Bag

by Co-Kan

59 reviews

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The double-sided “One True Bag” Messenger ita bag is like the OTB Tote, except smaller! It has a heart on one side and a full window on the other. Woven from sturdy canvas with a convenient across-the-chest length strap, this bag truly is an everyday use bag.

Consider the starter kit! It comes with matching safety pins and precision cut insert backings for your decorating pleasure. It's the easiest way to get going with your new ita bag! To see this bag in action, check out Inspiration Station: BakuKiri Messenger!

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Brenna K.
Updated Review-Still an amazing bag!

I wanted to leave an updated review of my Ita bag now that I've been using it for a few months (and couldn't edit my first review haha)! I am so in love with this bag! Much like a TARDIS, it has more room on the inside than I thought at first; I was able to fit my large wallet, a water bottle, and my sunglasses case (plus a few small extras) all at once. This was especially great when I took it to Disneyland, especially the water bottle part since I was able to just refill mine and not have to pay for it! My bag is all Star Wars pins, so I got so many compliments on it! Besides thinking the pins were cool being displayed this way, everybody who asked me about it just wanted to know where I got the bag itself since they thought it was such a cool idea. II started using it in early February, and it has held up very well, despite being thrown around a lot at my work, at the gym, on a plane, at Disneyland etc. The cream color has gotten a little darker, but nothing some light cleaning won't fix. The only things that I don't really like is that the two open pockets aren't very deep, so whenever I put my wallet back in it will usually catch on whatever is in the pocket (if it's my small Advil bottle it will just flip it out of the pocket to the bottom of the bag), and that if I accidentally unzip the main zipper all the way open I have to find and hold the end of the tab so the zipper can zip back up (if that makes sense? If it doesn't have the tension at the end it's too loose for the zipper to zip). These are things I can live with though, nothing worth taking a star off for, just personal preference. This bag has been an enabler to get me to buy more pins, and now I'm starting to run out of room... I'm very much considering getting a second bag that I could switch pin boards around, or just going for the tote size so I can justify getting more pins to fill up the space! (the only thing holding me back on the tote size is no shoulder strap, but could one possibly be fanangled on?) This truly is a perfect Ita bag!

Co-Kan Messenger OTB Ita Bag ReviewCo-Kan Messenger OTB Ita Bag Review

Heya Brenna! Thank you so much for writing an updated review (with photos!!) of your time tested and well traveled bag! We're glad to hear it's been holding up so well! The feedback regarding the pockets and the zipper is extremely helpful - I'll keep those points in mind when we design our next bag! Thanks again!

United States United States
Great first bag!

I’m very excited to put together my very first itabag! The bag is very nice and this site is overall extremely helpful with getting started on an itabag.

United States United States
a beautiful bag!

Glenn recommended this bag to me when I had to request an exchange because the bag I had gotten (while wonderful) didn't fit all of my merch. The exchange was very smooth and shipping was fast! It was very considerate and kind to not only offer an exchange but offer several recommendations when my spoiled self wasn't able to fit all of my merch in my first bag. xD The bag is beautiful and compact, I love the pockets inside and how it's double-sided! I was initially going to only use it for cons, but now I'm not so sure because I like it so much!? Overall, very cool and very professional company :) When I received the bag yesterday, I got started immediately!

Co-Kan Messenger OTB Ita Bag ReviewCo-Kan Messenger OTB Ita Bag Review
Nicole A.
United States United States
Digging it

I was fighting with myself on buying but then in the middle of the night , the thought hit me, it’s my birth month (when I bought it) Ima treat myself! When I got it after I came home from my family thoughts were “I don’t regret it” also they gave me candy , that’s a plus