Ita bag Insert Backings

by Co-Kan


Never cut cardboard again.

Styrene, a divine material from the pouting norse gods of fashion, has been precision laser cut by Co-Kan lasersmiths for your pleasure to fit any Co-Kan bag. No more box cutters, no more bending, no more rough edges - just a perfect backing for your bag, every time.

At 1/16th an inch thickness, it’s thinner and stronger than cardboard - it’ll return to its shape after bending too. Simply tape or hot glue your favorite fabric around it, insert into your bag, and decorate!

Unsure how to use one of these? Click here to read our guide!

Designed for use with Co-Kan ita bags. The material cannot be pinned though.

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Best thing to buy

It was a little big so I trimmed it with strong scissors but it still worked perfectly good. My pins look so cool and organized with the fabric I used. It doesn't bend easily which is very good for me. It was definitely worth it.


Super Useful and Helpful!

I've always been trying to get a good backing that's durable but not too flimsy, and co-kan's really fufills that! I got the affectuator for my affectuator-type ita bag (only a little bit bigger but I can't complain after all) and it feels so good to just take everything out without possibly damaging the back itself.


Easy to Decorate, Definitely not for pins!

Like a previous reviewer, I purchased this thinking I'd be able to use it as a base for my pin collection in my ita bag. I did manage to secure a couple of them on by pushing them through before two got their posts bent and I decided the pins weren't meant to be inserted. That said, they make a great base, they're sturdy and easy to decorate and they are a perfect fit for my messenger bag as advertised. I used double sided tape to adhere fabric to mine but it would be easy to glue fabric or even paper on. I like that I can buy extra if I want to change up the style with a new fabric. I'm glad to hear that a backing that is meant to affix pins to is in the works, I'll definitely get one based on the quality of these!


Good for holding shape I guess...

Firstly I ordered the wrong size, big bummer, but my bad. Even still, I expected this product to actually be used as a pin board, something heavy to really hold the weight. But sadly, you can't easily puncture the insert, and I'm not sure what to do about that. I guess if you attach fabric to the sheet, then you can pin the fabric, but then you run into the possible problem that you'll have to replace that fabric too. I just think I would have preferred an exact idea of how this product was meant to be used, because clearly I got the wrong idea. Back to using cardboard for me...


Hey Holly! Glenn with Co-Kan here. I'm bummed to hear you're not happy with the insert backing! I can see what went wrong. These are laser cut & designed to fit certain Co-Kan bags perfectly. The Nekoita backing, which is the one you ordered, is for the discontinued Nekoita bag of ours. I can't see it on your order history, so I'm guessing you may be trying to use it on a different bag, which we can't make any promises on. The backing was not designed to be punctured. There is a link to a guide in the product description that explains how to use them. We're currently designing an alternative backing that can be punctured though, but it may be a little while until we can release it. This item is mostly intended for previous customers to buy extra backings, since most get one or two with the starter kits we offer. I'll put a few notes in the product description to try to clear up confusion earlier, and I've discontinued the Nekoita and Pioneer Pack backings since they're both discontinued bags. I've also reached out to you via email. You're still well within the satisfaction guarantee timeframe, so I'll be sure to help you! -Glenn