Cutility Pack Ita Bag

by Co-Kan

5 reviews
Unmatched utility meets heart-stopping cuteness in the Cutility Pack ita bag. Our most durable and user friendly ita bag yet, the Cutility Pack comes with a swappable fabric insert and safety pins - both of which are color matching! The deco window on this puppy zips shut from the inside, keeping your merch extra safe! Best of all, it can be worn as a backpack or crossbody style with a simple adjustment of the straps.

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J'Elana S.
United States United States
The freaking best packaging ever for my birthday bag

Good evening everyone and creators I have been looking at this website for the longest of two years (lol) and finally bought a cutility pack ita bag for my 21st birthday and I am in freaking loooooovvveeee with it and the design and I almost cried because I finally have the bag so I thank you guys sooooo much for making my birthday awesome. Also the packaging was amazing with the hand written note and the candies, especially the strawberry yogurt hi chew (it was my fave when I lived in Japan) it brought back some awesome memories and I thank you guys again for being an awesome website

United States United States
Lovely Little Bag

I love my bag! I got it as soon as I could The thing that got me the most excited, the strap options, turned out to be very nice in person. It's super cute worn on your back and as a messenger bag. The material seems to attract(?) dust pretty easily, and I noticed when I first got it that there were a lot of places on the bag where dust could settle in general, lots of little nooks and crannies that could be difficult to clean out completely. I got the black one (and live in a dusty place), so maybe it's just especially noticeable for that reason. The material is easy to wipe down, so that's nice. It is a little small even though it doesn't look like it. I found that it kind of struggled to hold what I normally put in every other similarly sized purse I've used. At the same time due to its shape it can hold a better variety of items, and I've found that pretty convenient. I worry about the magnetic closing thing at the bottom as well. It closes pretty tightly and I have trouble getting it off smoothly sometimes ^^; Kinda have to fight it, which looks a little awkward and can get a bit annoying when I need to open it to get my wallet at the checkout counter or something. All in all it's a nice bag. Nicely constructed, feels strong, very cute. I'm happy with it despite what I've said X3 I'm new to leaving long reviews on stuff XD But it makes me happy to have something so nice as my everyday bag~

Briana A.
United States United States

It looks great in person and as far as purses go, it has a lot of room. It doesn't have a lot of display space, but you can clip things to the ribbons to add more stuff. I bought the almond one to go with a coord and I definitely recommend this to others looking for a stylish looking purse/backpack. The only problem I had with it is that I kept pinning things inside upside down, because I'd flip out the insert, pin stuff to it, and flip in back in.

United States United States
Awesome ♡

So I'm honestly really surprised by how roomy this is - it fits a scorbunny in there with 0 trouble and room for more! The material is smooth, I love the insert and the fact that I can switch from side bag to backpack and if I wanted to I can replace the ribbons (will possibly do for an OTP bag). In terms of space to display merch this *is* a downgrade from every other bag Co-Kan has had available so it might be better as an all around bag or rare pairs. I did wish there was a way to buy more inserts although I think I can use some of my inserts from older bags in it with little trouble. The only thing I dislike about the bag at this time is the front clasp. It's magnetic and the clasp itself holds well... but I'm worried that if I put too much force to open the bag it might tear the bit of fabric that protrudes out for the opposite side of the clamp. That said, it feels really well sewn on so while I worry about this possibility it seems very unlikely.

Yuu verified customer review of Cutility Pack Ita BagYuu verified customer review of Cutility Pack Ita BagYuu verified customer review of Cutility Pack Ita Bag

Thank you for your awesome review and pictures! We're aware of the front clasp and after extensive testing we decided it was sturdy enough for use. Simply put, we tried to break one and we couldn't. We'll keep an ear out if people run into trouble with it. We'll begin offering replacement inserts soon, so stay tuned!