The New Deal



Oh wow, we made it to 2019. Thank you everybody!

Launching in February... releasing lots of new products through Spring... a convention booth in July... a Kickstarter in November... selling out of bags over Black Friday weekend... getting bombarded by people hoping to get bags in time for Christmas; 2018 was a wild ride and we want to thank all of you that made it possible. We’ve got big expansion plans for 2019!

The New Deal
But! As we expand and offer new products, we need to get them to you! As in, how do you find what’s good on our site? How do you try new things out - especially things that haven’t been reviewed yet? Welcome to The New Deal.

The New Deal is a three part discount program designed to get more interesting stuff into your hands! These are completely automatic. No codes needed.

  1. 4 featured products: Marked 10% off, listed on our homepage. Changes each week!
  2. Super secret enticing unlock combos: Add X to your cart? Get Y for Z% off!
  3. Checkout stretch goals: Get free shipping at $35, but also free stuff at $X, $Y, and $Z

The New Deal will help direct you to things we really think you’re missing out on! Best of all, discount codes can be used on New Deal discounted products for a d-d-d-double discount c-c-combo!!

It’s a big software change and we’re ironing out the kinks. We expect The New Deal to be fully implemented by mid January.

W19 SacAnime
We’ll be at SacAnime January 4th-7th for our comfy local convention. But this time we’ll have two booths. We’ll most likely get tased and escorted off the premises for having a setup too aesthetic. You should come check it out before that happens! We’ll have an ultra limited selection of the new OTB Messenger colors available at our booth - sales will be limited to two bags per day. If you missed the kickstarter, this will be the only way to get them until late February when they will arrive in the store.

Customer Appreciation Month
Thank you to everybody who participated in customer appreciation month! We’ll begin posting and giving shout-outs within the week after we get back from SacAnime. You’re all awesome!

That's all for now!


New Year. New Deal.
For a better Co-Kan.

— Glenn from the Co-Kan Flock ▲


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