News: Blogbardment in April


It's April. If it hasn’t become apparent now, we here at Co-Kan are tremendously responsible, organized people when it comes to blog content.

Sometime in December, Sonya looked at me and asked: “Would it be completely organized and responsible to half-write several blogs, then complete and post them all four months from now in one chaotic two-week period?”
“Absolutely.” I replied, “It would be like writer’s block - for adults!

Fast forward to today. Writer’s block for adults just fell on me like a thwomp to crush the proverbial Mario that is my life. No matter! The work is done & the blogs are written! Some are posted, and more will be posted soon! Take cover, grab some snackies, and enjoy the blogbardment!

Last week we posted long overdue, and I mean LONG overdue, itaSTYLE guides on how to repair itabags and clean your itabags as well as tips on how to pick a good quality bag. These were our most requested blogs, and I hope you like them! A few customers helped me write them with their feedback - you’re all awesome! As always, leave us a comment on them if they’re missing something!

This next week, and then some, we’ll be posting lots of Inspiration Station blogs. We’ll have write-ups on how we decorated the bags on our Instagram such as the KiriBaku OTB Messenger, Snow Miku Affectuator, and Juushimatsu OTB Tote.

We’ll also be posting a few surprise blogs containing all sorts of goodies under the Inspiration Station and itaSTYLE series. We hope you can use all this sweet new content to get ready for convention season!

That’s all for April’s update! Enjoy! 


Until next time,

— Glenn from the Co-Kan Flock ▲


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