News: Aesthetic(?) Sale Weekend!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming! Do you know what that means?? 

Because Coo-kun and Kan-tan sure don't!

co-kan ita bag black friday sale

This cyber/black weekend, they went all in with an assortment of low quality, outdated youtube memes based on synth music - we think. While they're slowly driving toward a tiny magenta sunset in their tiny cyan car, we're pillaging their stuff and hawking it on the internet! The result is a once-a-year sale so aesthetic that even we're not sure what it's about anymore!

Starting 12:01 on Friday the 29th and lasting through 11:59 December 2nd, everything in the store will be up to 30% off! Don't miss it! You've been warned!


Until next time,

— Glenn from the Co-Kan Flock ▲


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