News: New Products in March



Con season is fast approaching. I can feel it in me bones.

March 03 19 New Items!

You’re gonna need ways to display all that sweet merch you’re gonna get. We got you. To this effect, we have released three new items in the store!

Float Frames
The study of levitation magic may be banned in all provinces due to the Levitation Act of 3E421, but we’re all Khajiit here. And Khajiit knows what you need: floating merch!

Introducing the Float Frame! Comes in 3 types for your decorating pleasure. Simply open, insert, snap, and stand!

Kemono Friends fan buttons are by the amazing extyrannomon. Find their works at Twitter!

Badge Bands
After 6 bottles of skooma and countless hours staring aimlessly at a glowing walls powered by grumpy norse men, I figured it out. You can clip float frames to things… if you remove the frame!

Behold! Badge Bands - great for any bag, dog, veranda, or place you feel like hanging merch from! Although they’re called badge bands, you can really put any piece of merch in them. Comes in 3 types for your decorating pleasure! Huzzah!

Badge Stands
But what if you need more synergy? Badge Stands are what you need! You can cover your favorite merch and then prop it up with a stand for a clever, minimalist approach that really displays your great taste in character build.

Sacramento Comic Con Spring 2019

Sac-Con March 17th
Want to try on a Co-Kan bag in person? Wanna wave around our growing list of gadgets and gizmos and ask us what they do? Of course you do! Which is why you should visit us at Sac-Con on the 17th!

It’s like $10 to get in and it’s an easy day trip from the Bay Area. We had a great time last we went, and we’re gonna keep going!

Co-Kan Update
As many of our long time followers know, the staff at Co-Kan rosters a mighty 2 people: just Sonya and I. We started Co-Kan as a passion project and have watched it blossom into something bigger than we were ever expecting. The sheer interest that we’ve seen as convention season begins warming up is insane to us, and we are humbled by it.

With that said, we’re truly sorry for how long it’s taken to get the new colored bags out. We were able to send out most of them last week, but we still have a few remaining. Waking up to the task of packing & shipping more orders in a day than we do in two weeks changed the way we’ve looked at things.

But, we refuse to compromise on care and quality, so we opted to take our time packing every Kickstarter order with the same (more) attention than we do our normal orders. This takes a lot of time. Why do we do it? Because we want you to be happy, and we can only hope that you are willing to wait just a bit longer.

We have plans for solid expansion and improvement this year. We experience sudden spikes of attention that often eat our entire stock of certain products. Manufacturing takes a long time for us.

I thank everybody who uses the “Notify Me” feature, because often that lets me know that the item is out of stock. Emails from the system are often drowned in my inbox, but emails/contacts from visitors are sacred and are treated as such. With only two people and hundreds of products, a former coworker of mine once called what we’re doing “logistical suicide” - but we’re in the business of big dreams here.

Thank you all for taking part in that dream.



Until next time,

— Glenn from the Co-Kan Flock ▲


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