News: Midsummer Night's Sale and Major Changes in June



Revel, o’ bagger of ita! For the Midsummer Night’s Sale is close at hand!

Midsummer Night's Sale
The Midsummer Night’s Sale is our once yearly clearance event. Everything will be up to half off. It’s a chance for the two of us here to clear out the old, bring in the new, and reflect on what we can offer to make you all happier.

From 12 noon PST on Friday, June 28th to the same time Monday, July 1st, everything will be marked down at least 5%. Blind boxes will be 50% off. Certain accessories will be 40% off. Certain color ita bag starter kits will be 10% off as well! Discount codes can be used in addition to these marked down prices for radically shakespearean c-c-combos!

But why host such a radically shakespearean sale, anyway? We got to clear up space for big changes ahead! We’ve reached post-convention Co-Kan. Read on for details.

Post-Convention Co-Kan
SacAnime, our local convention that we’ve been attending twice a year, is downsizing due to the convention center getting rebuilt. The organizers asked for  vendors to volunteer to opt out of going and we stepped forward. Other vendors, especially those who don’t have an online presence, need that booth more than us. With that said, we will not be attending any anime conventions until at least 2021 as we focus on our online store.

We’d like to thank everybody who visited our SacAnime booth over the years. So many of you were bummed to hear that we were going. But, this will be for the best for all of us. We’ll be able to provide better products to more people this way. We’ve spent almost half of our time over the last year planning, stocking, and doing conventions. It takes a lot of work to make a booth this aesthetic!

This decision frees up much needed time to release new bags, new accessories, and new blogs. A lot of products are going away and being replaced with things we know people really want. Big changes are underway!

Big change 1: Goodbye Anime Merch
We are in no position to revolutionize the anime merch market any time soon. This was a hard decision to make, but the process of stocking, onboarding, and inventorying anime merch is a nightmare for the two of us here at Co-Kan. There are plenty of other great places to buy anime merch, such as Tokyo Otaku Mode and Amiami.

Big change 2: Rebranding
Co-Kan will get a new face sometime in the next month with a new logo, another mascot, and a revamped about us page. Also, we’re gradually changing all instances of itabag to ita bag. Why? Just because. Yes, I can hear you screaming.

Big change 3: Goodbye to Certain Accessories
We have 19 colors of chains in two types. In addition to that, we have 6 more colors we’re ready to put in the store. We also have 4 chain sizes. That means 200 different chains to keep track of. We simply can’t do that. We’ve decided to put clasp chains on clearance and switch to hoop chains for everything. And although clasp chains are more traditional, we’ve found hoop chains to be much more popular and useful. We plan on eventually offering clasps for chains through a DIY chainmakers' toolkit.

There are a few other accessories we’re looking at the same way that will be cleared out and removed from our offerings. 

Big change 4: A New Take on Bag Colors
We’ll begin offering more colors for bags in our store by paring down our selection and rotating. Instead of having 9 colors always available for each bag, we’ll have 3 or 4 always available colors and will swap out 2-3 limited edition colors regularly. This will ultimately allow us to offer far more colors. We’ll eventually publish a schedule of when we offer which color for people to follow. This will be a learning experience for us, and it may take a while before we iron out what works and what doesn’t!

Big change 5: Social Media Switch Up
We’re gonna change around our social media because it’s just confusing as it is. The ease-of-posting on instagram means we often neglect our Twitter and Facebook because we don’t have the time to schedule triple posting.

We will consolidate our social media to Instagram and Pinterest, a newcomer. Instagram will continue being as it always has. Pinterest will be more product and tutorial focused instead of image focused. We’re new to Pinterest, so it may be awhile before things get interesting over there. We want to provide different, yet familiar, content on each social media platform that reflects what the platform is good for.

We will stop posting content and updates on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll keep the accounts active and we’ll respond to shout outs and answer questions like we normally have. Please, keep sharing there if it’s where you are! It will be seen and appreciated.

Big change 6: More Satisfaction, More Guarantee 
We will be changing from a 30 day satisfaction guarantee to a 90 day 125% money back guarantee. Yes. If you don’t like your Co-Kan stuff, we will not only pay for your return shipping and refund you, but we’ll also venmo or paypal you an extra 25% of what you paid for it. Within 90 days, not 30. Why? Because we still haven’t gotten a return yet from an unhappy customer.


Still! A year after implementing the satisfaction guarantee we haven’t had people who are unhappy with their Co-Kan purchase. Thousands of orders, zero unhappy returns. Sure, a few exchanges like “I need the bigger bag” or “Pink would’ve been better”, but not a single “I don’t like it”. We need feedback and constructive criticism! It’s true I’m very happy to hear people are happy with their purchases, but one cannot subsist on sweetness and smiles alone! I need the bitterness of white-hot rage in my life! I know you’re out there, unhappy person! I will find you, I will refund you, and I will get your feedback kljadh (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻


That’s it!
Thank you to everybody who survived my rant! This is all moving in the direction of becoming a better Co-Kan and we’re excited for what we can accomplish from here on out!


Until next time,

— Glenn from the Co-Kan Flock ▲


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codename: tewi
codename: tewi

June 26, 2019

I know this is a stupid comment and you don’t need to approve it but please consider sticking with itabag as the spelling… it’s consistent with similar hobbies like itasha! It makes things a lot easier to google, because ita bag also brings up bags from Italy! It’s easier to #hashtag! I know it ultimately doesn’t matter but x_x

(but otherwise i’m looking forward to seeing how things are moving forward! i’m glad to hear accessories are staying, co-kan has the best selection of any website and always innovates with new interesting options~)


June 25, 2019

Sad to see you will stop using Twitter, but I’m very excited to see where the store will go in the future ♡

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