News: October 18th, 2018


Oh how the time flies🕊️ It's Glenn again with a monthly update.

Coo-kun's 10k giveaway

Quick reminder! Only 4 days left for the 10k giveaway! It closes Monday the 22nd at midnight. If you haven't yet, you can enter here.

Coo-kun waiting until noon

Important announcement: Starting Friday October 18th, the daily order cutoff will be moved from 3pm to 12pm (noon). This means that if you order after noon PST, we won't be able to ship it until next day!
Why this change? Sonya and I are a two person team and many of our accessories are made-to-order! We're making this change so that we still have enough time to put care, attention, and detail into everything we make while leaving us enough time to pack & send it to you!

Triple strap stand in action

Speaking of "care and detail into everything we make", have you seen the new Strap & Cross Stands? They interlock to make a triple stand! We're developing new merch accessories to bring that category up to speed with our itabag offerings. You should expect many new and interesting ways to display your merch coming soon!

Of course, by no means what-so-ever are itabags taking a back seat on our site! We've been working on a lot of really interesting partnerships & blog content coming up for the holiday season. If you're reading this, have peace of mind knowing that you were into Co-Kan before it was popular!

Co-Kan coming to Sac-Con

Know where we're already popular? Sacramento, CA. If you live in the Sacramento area and you missed us at SacAnime, you'll be pleased to know that we'll be attending Sac-Con this weekend on October 21st! It's only $10 for an entire day of family friendly mini-con goodness for fans of all comics and anime. Our good friends from SacAnime hooked us up with booth #W47, which is against the front wall on the way to the artist's alley tables. Check it out!


Gonna craft me some nostalgia goggles.
Until next time,

— Glenn from the Co-Kan Flock ▲


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