News: June 18th, 2018


Hello everyone! I hope your con season is going strong. It’s a refreshing 85 degrees at our office in the California central valley and we’re thinking we’d like to drop some news on you!

GO June 2018 is currently going on! GOGOGO!

Last GO from Co-Kan! It's been fun. :)

The June Group Order is OOOOAAWWWNNNNNN!! ohn? onnn? How do you emphasize on?! We’ve got Love Live Sunshine, Boku no Hero, Bandori, Card Captor Sakura, and Uma Musume in addition to some Omanjuus and covers for them. It ends on the 20th - we hope you’ll join us one last time!

Alas, the sunsets for a new start! Thank you everyone. ♥

A sun sets in a chapter of Co-Kan. But, we're still here for you~!

Like a show where all the protagonists die at the end after fulfilling their purpose, the time has come for the bittersweet parting of Co-Kan GO from the Co-Kan lineup. After the group order for June 2018, Co-Kan will no longer be hosting group orders. We will still have blind boxes and character goods in our store for anime merchandise.

Co-Kan group orders was a carryover from Sonyaism GO, and we trace our roots to group orders. However, we've found that we've had less and less time to orchestrate GOs as we grow. In the interest of providing you with the best possible experience, we made the decision to discontinue GOs. We are sincerely thankful for your support over this past year.

If you're interested in new merch for a specific character, we'll continue to stock new blind boxes at competitive prices.

OTB Totes and Messengers are in Lavender!

Bloom in Lavender!

Dawn always follows the dusk - which is why we’re proud to announce a new color addition to our OTB lineup: Lavender! In store now! We’ve even got matching starter kits ready. Get some pastel colors for summer! 

You're gonna carry that weight.
Until next time! 

— Glenn from the Co-Kan Flock ▲

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