News: May 5th, 2018


Hey everyone! It's May already! We're here to help you ramp up for con season with a recap of all the new products we’ve released recently. Details below~

Itabag insert backings are here! Take a look at the sample.

Say goodbye to cardboard, my friends!

After much research and development, we’re proud to unveil itabag insert backings for all of our bags! These puppies are durable 1/16th inch styrene that has been laser cut to fit perfectly. Tape and glue sticks great to them and they don’t crease when bent. Stick your favorite fabric to them and never cut cardboard again!

Pioneer Pack (PP) Itabag Pre-Order! Get yours today.

Remember: the size of your PP doesn't matter.

The Pioneer Pack pre-order is going strong! The starter kit comes with one of the backings mentioned above to make your life easier - because your bag should be the last thing you’re worried about during con season! 

Hoop Hanging chains are here! A different way to hang.

Get in the loop! We're hanging in a different way now.

Speaking of Pioneer Pack, it comes with our new hoop chains instead of our clasp chains for maximum hanging efficiency! Available in all the same colors as our standard chains. 

Don't forget our strap hangers. Now available in four colors!

Hang more with color!

We’ve also released new colors of our strap hangers! Now available in black, frosted white, blue, and red. Use them to provide some contrast to your bag, to match a character, or simply add some color while doubling your hanging space. The possibilities are endless!

That's the news today.
Until next time! 

— Glenn from the Co-Kan Flock ▲

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