itaSTYLE: Different Kinds of Ita bag Bases

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itaSTYLE: Ita Bag Tutorials-itaSTYLE: Different Kinds of Itabag Bases


Welcome to itaSTYLE! The series where we talk about all things itabag. Last time, we introduced ita bags - But, what kind of ita bag bases can you buy? How can you turn any bag into an ita bag? We’ll discuss these topics and more in today’s exciting episode of itaSTYLE!

otb tote ita bag decorated with juushimatsu from osomatsu

The most common type of ita bag are tote ita bags. Most of these bags are square, which means that they can fit a very nice display window - often one on each side. Using the shoulder strap, you can wear it on either side of your body.

Looking for something more practical? Messenger ita bags have a long across-the-chest strap that allows them to worn on the front, back, left, or right. Let your message be heard with a messenger bag. Go forth!

I will show you the world. Burning, stinging, eyesore~

I will show you the world. Burning, stinging, eyesore~

What if you want your ita bag to go… where no ita bag has gone before? To the far reaches of planet Fujoshi? Ita suitcases exist. A ita suitcase is like bringing a nuclear weapon to a knife fight, and the world will be none the same. Ita suitcases tend to have a massive display window you can use to batter your foes; no bags are better suited for gratuitous acts of display. Dogs will bark at you, dictators will fear you, spies will find you - use responsibly.

Sup. We heard you like itabags. Put this itapouch inside your itabag.

Sup. We heard you like itabags. Put this itapouch inside your itabag.

In contrast, the pencil ita bag is the tasteful weapon of choice. It’s a small, usually rectangular ita bag with a body-width display window big enough for a few well placed charms. After you’ve deployed your ita suitcase to reduce a city to eyesore, you can use this bag to escape and thwart pursuers.

Wandering through the desert, it’s been three days since you’ve last seen a tastefully dressed person. The only thing keeping you alive is an ita backpack packed with snackies and Oi Ocha. As you eat your last Land of the Lustrous hard candy, you spot your pursuers in the distance. You flip your ita backpack to its offensive side to reveal a large window, the desert sun reflecting off the Juushimatsu deka charm blinds them. They crash into a telephone pole. You’re safe for now.

Tote inside a tote! It's totes tote-ception.

Tote inside a tote! It's totes tote-ception.

Two more days have passed. You’ve discarded your ita backpack because Juushimatsu is out, Ichimatsu is in. An Ichimatsu bag isn’t gonna make itself. You recall your training and fashion an ita bag from readily available desert materials: your favorite handbag and a vinyl protector cover. Memories of Sensei’s teachings come back to you - “It’s only an Ita bag if it’s covered in charms!” You bait a few traps, and you’re able to catch some Ichimatsu charms. You eat the wrapper for sustenance as you decorate. You feel some strength return to you, but it isn’t enough. Clutching your makeshift bag, you look up.

Your pursuers are upon you. They ask why you’re lying on the driveway with a wrapper in your mouth surrounded by bags. Your parents will never understand you. But we do.

You know the basics! Now time to get decorating. For that, you'll want an ita bag insert. Continue reading itaSTYLE: How to Make an Ita Bag Insert

That concludes this article of itaSTYLE.
Stay roosted for our next issue! 

— Glenn from the Co-Kan Flock ▲

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Maritza Rivas
Maritza Rivas

October 12, 2018

I love itastyle and the itabags!
You guys are amazing!!

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