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itaSTYLE: Ita Bag Tutorials-itaSTYLE: Baseless Rosette Tutorial


Disclaimer: Please have parental guidance/supervision if you are underage when using a glue gun and grill lighter.

(We cannot be held responsible if your fingers become cooked sausages. 😥)

Remember last itaSTYLE how I said there were two common ways of making rosettes? That’s right! I’m here to explain that other type in this edition of itaSTYLE: How to Make Baseless Rosettes, starring Kizuna Ai! Make sure you read the previous itaSTYLE first.

Materials You'll Need

❗ After using foam in this tutorial, I found it easily tears when trying to attach a can badge to the rosette. If you are planning on switching out can badges off your rosette often, felt would be a better option. If you plan on just keeping the same can badge on the rosette, it will be a fine choice to use foam.
❗ In this tutorial, I used a low temp glue gun unlike the previous tutorial. I found it easier to handle as it wasn't burning hot as a high temp. Also, if you want to take back mistakes, it's more forgiving since the tackiness isn't as strong as high temp hot glue.
*This tutorial is not sponsored by Michaels. I literally live right next to a Michaels so I often go there for any crafting.

I’m pretty proud of my ribbon selection this time around. I really tried hard for that Kizuna combination of pink frills, black lace, and unintelligble screaming.

In comparison to the hollow core rosettes, this method of making rosettes is quite simpler. There is no circle cutting right now, you can save that for later! You’ll want to cut the ribbon much longer - about 10 inches was what I went for. Fold each side inward to the centerpoint to make sure that your rosette was comfortably fit Kizuna’s smug face.

Cut four pieces of ribbon to this length. Mark all of their center points then fold each end inward and use your trusty glue gun to stick it to itself. You should have four little ribbon loops stuck together at the center. Glue into X and + shapes, then layer each of them on top of each other to make the base of your rosette.

Apply to dog, wait precisely five minutes, then remove. This is the seasoning process. It is very important.

Repeat all but the previous step with your secondary ribbon choice. Cut the secondary ribbon a little shorter; I chose 8" for the length here. Once your secondary rosette is made, attach it to the base rosette using hot glue.

Also, as you can see I layered two ribbons together for my secondary ribbon.

 Next, make the tail! I recommend cutting slightly shorter than what you cut for your secondary ribbon color. Here I cut the tail pieces at 6". Use the same technique from the Hollow Base Rosettes to make the V ended ribbons. Be sure to singe them! Notice I how used my tertiary ribbon color on both my tails and secondary rosette - be creative! Lastly, glue the tail to the back of the rosette.

Alright, I’ll confess: I love Kizuna’s outfit. So, I have to put her smug little ribbon on her rosette. I used fabric glue for something this delicate - it’s never worth melting your fingers for love. Remember to be creative! You can make just about anything using ribbon and glue. I used all the same techniques I’ve already shown to make this little thing.

Here are where circles come in. There isn't a place to pin your can badge onto so you gotta make a place for it. I didn't use a circle template and just traced my can badge here. Do not use a pen as it will smear or bleed onto the ribbon. I gave it a try and it's not worth it. lol

You'll need the top circle for sure and the bottom circle is optional. When you cut out the traced circle, you'll need to cut it out smaller. This will make your top circle for you to pin your can badge into. Remember, the top circle needs to hide behind your can badge! When gluing your top circle, it's important to only glue it halfway on. This will help you maneuver your finger behind the circle to help pin your can badge into the rosette with ease.

Optional, as for the bottom circle, I cut out the same size as I traced. I glued it to the back to just provide padding to the rosette. You can just glue your bar pin straight onto the rosette if you like. 

Again, I would recommend using felt!

Attach the bar pins to the underside using hot glue and pin your can badge onto the top. Don't forget to cover those badges though! They need to be protected.

Now you’re done! Just look how smug she looks!


But wait! I’m gonna make another! And it's gonna be a different design using the same materials! Yes, this is genius. ٩( ᐛ )و  Some more frills and a different tip cut on the tail ends. What can go wrong?




Making one more’s not gonna hurt, right guys? I think I can get it perfect if I have one more try...


Going to bed.

That concludes this article of itaSTYLE.
Stay roosted for our next issue! 

— Sonya from the Co-Kan Flock ♥

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