Inspiration Station: Simple Outside Decorations

Inspiration Station: Decorate Ita Bags with Us!-Inspiration Station: Simple Outside Decorations

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There are many bags, like our Affectuator Backpack and OTB Tote, that come with lace or side mounting points. Observing people with these bags, we noticed one thing: those things are criminally underused!

But you are no criminal, merely a victim of your surroundings - and your surroundings could use some inspiration! In this short Inspiration Station I’ll go over a really simple decoration I whipped up using $3 worth of materials from Daiso, zip ties, plain printer paper, scissors for creating a trimmed edge, and hanging badge covers. Some inspiration on a budget, believe it!

Yesterday, I posted this lovely wall of flower decorations from Daiso! You may recognize the sunflowers in this picture from my Jyushimatsu itabag. I bought some others including mini wreaths I will be using in this Inspiration Station! I'm going to spruce up my Froppy Backpack you may remember from awhile back. 

Even though I'm doing some outside decorations, you can always destem these flowers and add them to the inside (or find decorations that just come with flower heads which I believe you can usually find in the scrapbooking section).

Now let's continue on~!

My first crime: I used badge covers larger than the badge itself. It’s the only size we carry here at Co-Kan, so...can you forgive me? Of course not. None of that matters! I only need to eliminate the evidence…

To do so, I went ahead and found a piece of paper Glenn was probably using for something important. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  He’ll never notice a hole in it. I’m a genius. All I need to do is carefully cut a pretty circle out of it. I’ll trace the badge cover for a rough idea of how much I need to cut...

I used this "Paper Edgers" from Fiskars (basically scissors to give a decorative trim to paper edges) for a frilled edge finish and make sure it’ll fit inside the cover. I’m not too happy with this one though, so I’ll give it another try...

...Crap. I went overboard. I swear this happened recently. 🤔🤔🤔

...Anyway. What’s done is done! I mean, look how nice they look? Nobody will ever notice that the badge cover is a little big!

Attach these badges to the wreath and the base of the decoration is finished! The wreath was $1.50 at Daiso USA and I used the included the strap hanger that came with the hanging badge covers.

Now all that’s left is to attach it to the bag using those fantastic mounting points! Mere child’s play to an accomplished budgeteer such as myself - a few zip ties did the trick to attach it to the Froppy Affectuator.

And boom! They’re attached! I hope that was as helpful for you as it was dangerous for me; Glenn’s gonna be really pissed when he finds out I cut up his scribbled character sheet for a budget decoration project. ( ̄Д ̄;;

That concludes this article of Inspiration Station.
Stay roosted for our next issue! 

— Sonya from the Co-Kan Flock ♥

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