Inspiration Station: Froppy Affectuator

Inspiration Station: Decorate Ita Bags with Us!-Inspiration Station: Froppy Affectuator

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Hey, hey! It's Sonya here! Need to get inspired? We gotchu. ♥ You’ve arrived at the first stop of the Inspiration Station—the new series where I go over the bags I made that you see here around Co-Kan. Of course, the number one rule of itabags is to have fun with it—there is no wrong way to itabag!

Our Tsuyu Asui Affectuator Backpack

Our Tsuyu Asui Affectuator Backpack!

Before I get started with the fine details, a huge thank you to everybody who liked our Tsuyu Affectuator teaser image on Instagram. You’ve given us nearly 800 likes on it. Like, holy moly! I super appreciate your love and support.

I want to share with you all my dark secrets on how I decorated the Tsuyu Affectuator backpack.

Let's start with the insert!

I always start with the insert. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Every firm bag starts with an insert of some sort, in my humble dark opinion. I'm going on ahead to attach my choice of fabric onto the insert backing!

Dark secret #1: I used the Affectuator prototype backing insert that Glenn cut. You can see vaguely see “Affectuator” written on it in stained Expo marker. When he came by again looking for it, it was already too late. Fufufufu...

Affectuator Insert is All Covered

Look at that smooth spread~ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ

The insert is all nicely and tightly wrapped with the fabric. It was all very easy—just see how easy that was!

I chose a very simplistic but color coordinated design for my Froppy fabric from Joann's. I definitely recommend going to Joann's for your fabric. They have so many wonderful array of colors and choices along with all those juicy sales. \(´◓Д◔`)/

Mock Layout of Tsuyu Placement on  Insert

Lay down your merch!

Arrange and conquer! Before figuring out how I’m going to hang or pin all my merch, I like to look at where I want everything placed. Most importantly, I need to decide what is the best piece(s) of BNHA merch I would like to display in my bag.

I decided on those huge Froppy acrylic keychains. They were just so enormous. How could I say no? To provide a frame for the keychains, I put a row of my favorite can badges, RPG Tsuyu, just underneath. The row of can badges creates a horizontal line which helps lead the eyes to look at what goodies to find at the bottom of the bag.

Starting to Construct Hanging Apparatuses for the Merch

Gotta do some DIY. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

And here it is, Dark Secret #2. At the time I’m writing this, this itabag contains three yet-to-be released itabag accessories we’ve been working on: chain segments, bulb pins, and raindrop glass charms. The flexible bulb pins allowed me to pin to the back side of the backing, fold the bulb over, and hang the chain segment from it. The chain segment and bulb pin combo let me hang a light load in the center of the bag.

Completed Pinned Insert Backing


I hang the chain from the bulb pins, using pliers to remove any extra chain segments —which is a lot easier than it sounds! I hung the Raindrop Glass Charms on the chain to provide a transition between the shiny badges and the matte rubber straps.

Lastly, I used Clasp Adapters to turn all those pesky pitas into something I can easily hang. I chose white safety pins because they blend in really well. I then pinned and hung everything in the manner I decided upon in the beginning - except with the addition of that lone rain day pita button! I couldn’t pass it up, too cute. It was the star on my christmas tree.

Completed Pinned Insert Backing Inside Affectuator Backpack

Insert Part A into Part B to complete~ ര.༵ര

Finally sealed it up and called it a day! I had a good friend model it at a nearby park, then took it home and added it to the great bag hoard from which nothing escapes.

That concludes this article of Inspiration Station.
Stay roosted for our next issue! 

— Sonya from the Co-Kan Flock ♥

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