Inspiration Station: Juushimatsu, Muscle & Hustle

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Inspiration Station: Decorate Ita Bags with Us!-Inspiration Station: Juushimatsu, Muscle & Hustle

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He has many names.

He has been called The Dark Horse, Juicymatsu, The Muscle Hustle, and Juicy Boy. But for us, he will always be Juushimatsu. ⚾

Sonya here with today’s Inspiration Station! It's been a while since the last. ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ 

How to Make a Hollow Base Rosette

If you’ve been around our Instagram for a while, you’ve seen this bag at least a dozen times. We’re all Juushi fans here. He's clearly the best boy out of Osomatsu-san sextuplets. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We've starred him across a deservingly large number of our blogs here at Co-Kan, such as the badge cover and rosette tutorials.

Since best boy isn't best boy for everyone, Juushi merch was rather easy to acquire than most characters I've collected in the past or now. (⌣_⌣”) I found a bunch from places like Facebook fan groups and proxy places to purchase items from you in Japan (take caution when you use those). With my Juushi haul, I decided on an OTB Tote starter kit and began sorting through the merch I have available. I really love Juushi so I'm going all out on this bag. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

As a wise ita bagger once said, "All great ita bags start with a great insert." ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ» I made an insert using an awesome honeycomb fabric I found at JoAnn and the OTB Tote backing that came with the starter kit. But, I felt like it needed something more. I’ve already done the badge arrangement before on the Ten Count Bag, and I wanted to try something new. Here I did a test layout the can badges how I wanted along with a couple of trims I wanted to use. 


So I hand-sewed together a knitted and lace trim together and I barely know how to sew anything… ˛૧(˵¯͒▱¯͒˵);;; I tried my best at making a ruffling effect on the lace trim up top!

Iron the Lace Trim!

Woohoo! They look at least decent. lol (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Though, when finished, the trim will look rather more puffy. To fix, use an iron to iron down the fluff to make it look flat. I found this better so you can fix it's position than have it smooshed looking when it is in the bag. 

Now to adhere it on the insert. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ "

Finally! We're almost there to finishing this side. I’m really happy with it. I had to measure out with the can badges for this side to make sure the custom lace trim I made was going fit how I wanted it to. 

It was a simple addition that made a huge difference to adding a special feeling to the bag! To me, ita bags are about displaying love for a character. I always suggest thinking beyond just merch for showing that love! Consider a rosette or simple outside decoration to add a personal touch.

Adhering Outside Trim

I had planned to add some of the knitted trim onto the outside of the bag. I received the idea from a fellow customer who added lace on the top section of the bag! Thank you for the inspiration! ୧( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )૭ I had bought thick needles to sew it onto the bag but the fabric is too thick. I opted for fabric tape which worked amazing! 

Fast forward a few steps, this side is all done! It took forever getting all the can badges lined up. I will not sugar coat that step ever! lol You're in for a long one doing these type of set-ups. ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭;;;;

I found these sunflower stems from DAISO, but you can find floral decorations at your local dollar store and craft stores. (^ω^) I added extra clip merch fo Juushi up top too. 

But, what’s this?! Lights? Of course, this is inspiration station. I’d never gloss over an opportunity to hide lights behind those frills I made. You can view an on/off video in the dark on our instagram.

More muscle! More hustle! I worked up a sweat making a couple rosettes in the name of True Juice. ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ But what to do about the heart side? Decisions...

And this is where I started having problems. The OTB Tote has a heart window, but which large piece of merch should be my centerpiece? I couldn’t decide, so I asked instagram! And also my mother in law found the post and gave her opinion!? Σ░(꒪◊꒪ ))))

You guys spoke, and so did the in-laws, but I just had to pick the top two. Just looking at it gives me an urge to hit the batting cages. (︶ω︶)

I always cover merch on the outside of my bags whenever possible. I used covers for the straps, heart badges, and round badges on the rosettes.

Pitas, anyone? I had a few more pieces of precious merch I really wanted to incorporate but couldn’t find a place for them. Badge bands to the rescue!

Whew! Done! That’s how I decorated the Juushimatsu OTB Tote.

I need to step away from this thing before I start screaming bow-ehhhh and adding yet more merch to it. \\\٩(✪ꀾ⍟༶)و///

(Update: Romanizing 十四松 is weird. Fixed the spelling to match the title. Thanks, Lexis!)

That concludes this article of Inspiration Station.
Stay roosted for our next issue! 

— Sonya from the Co-Kan Flock ♥

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May 14, 2019

That’s awesome inspiration! I have a Karamatsu and Todomatsu bag myself. Heads up, throughout the article you spell Jyushi/Jyushimatsu 3 different times and it was bothersome (to me) you should stick with a spelling and use it constantly! It’s also confusing to people not fimilar with the character either!

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